Our Story

Our story begins with a dog named Carlos. We adopted him from the local animal control unit in our city. It was his last day before the unthinkable was to occur. Euthanasia. His eyes followed me as I walked up and down the aisle. His eyes just fixated on me. He was leaning against the wall and just observing me as much as I watched him. His coat was falling out, he had a really bad runny nose, and he just plain looked sad. Next thing I knew, he was mine. 

We made it a priority to provide him with the best food we could in order to help him regain his health, to bring his coat back and add a little life back to his step. We started by using high end brands from the local pet superstore but they just didn't do what they promised.

That’s when the nucleus of this company began. I began reading feverishly on the ill effects of commercial pet foods and although some are better then others, for the most part, even the best were still not all that good. I purchased several books on dog nutrition and began my studies. Soon, I began to formulate our first recipe. I fed it to Carlos as a supplement to his commercial diet as I knew in the early days that, although it was great for him to be able to get fresh ingredients, it was not balanced nutritionally in order for me to feed it to him exclusively.

Fast forward a few years and about 20 different versions of the recipe….We decided it was time to have the food professionally tested to meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Carlos and his two sister, whom we adopted about a years ago are now fed our food exclusively and all are thriving.

Our food is now available for all dogs to benefit from. Try it. You’ll see.

The Children

Beatrice (A.K.A. Beebs & Bebe) has grown up to be such a pretty girl. She has a very playful personality and loves to play with her brother Carlos and sister Lizzy. Bebe is also a very independent girl. She likes her space and enjoys time alone in her bed and even playing in the yard by herself.


Elizabeth (A.K.A Lizzy & Little Bit), like her sister Bebe, has also grown to be a beautiful little lady. She's a daddy's girl. She loves to curl up on the bed with us at night. We bought them all new beds for Christmas. Carlos and Bebe have taken to their beds and really seem to like them. Lizzy is a tough nut to crack. She wants to be on Mom and Dad's bed. That's ok, we don't mind. See her Super Dog flying abilities?


Of course, then there is Mr. Carlos Fuentes. The original VibraPet. He is so good with his sisters. Very polite and accomodating. But don't get him wrong. He's the boss. His sisters look up to him and he most certainly looks out for them.


Mr. Carlos Fuentes has been to the snow more than a few times so he's an old pro at romping through it.

This is Lizzy and Beebs first trip to the snow. It always seems to surprise me when they take no cautionary measure before plunging right in. But nope, they ran through and played in that snow like they've done it a thousand times before. They look like they were having the time of their lives!